Lalawele-Translation offers you a good and reliable interpreting and translation service.

In accordance with your needs, Lalawele-Translation is able to provide you promptly and at short notice qualified interpreters and translators who master their native languages in addition to the world languages such as English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch. We professionally translate a variety of African and Asian languages into German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and / or vice versa.

Translation from German into French, English, Spanish, Arab, Asian languages or vice versa. Lalawele translation also translates all African languages such as Igbo, Yoruba or Ewe, as well as many Asian languages.
Furthermore, we place professional translators and interpreters from Latin-Central and North America and from the Caribbean at your disposal, in case you need translation into the languages and dialects from these mentioned regions.

Lalawele-Translation translates technical, legal, political, economic, scientific and literary texts and documents. We also provide reliable and highly qualified professionals for practical German lingual lessons.

Lalawele Translation provides you translators and interpreters with a high level of education and expertise for the most common African and Asian languages. They do this job competently and work on a freelance basis.

Our professionals are employed for interpreting in court, translating and interpreting for diverse authorities, such as immigration offices, customs offices, police headquarters and political institutions. Lalawele translation assists you in court negotiations, interrogations, asylum procedures, investigative procedures, as well as missions to Africa or Asia.

Moreover, Lalawele Translation readily handles orders from firms, corporations, economic institutions, sports clubs and facilities, general media, sports media, football players and athletes.