Lalawele-Translation translates technical, legal, political, economic, as well as literary and scientific texts and documents. We also place reliable and highly qualified professionals for practical German courses at your disposal. All your translations are in good hands. We provide qualified available translators, who translate your documents in shortest time into the target language. We even translate those dialects or languages, which are not so usual on the African continent. Translating into African languages is clearly and naturally our specialty, but through our network we are also able to translate many other languages, such as Asian languages, East European languages and South American language dialects.

Our qualified translators work fast and accurately. We offer you all that for quit reasonable prices. For more information, press here.

Prices and Procedure
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African dialects
For an overview of African dialects and their geographical position on the African continent please press here.

CULTURE and SPORT Besides Lalawele Translations does translation orders of firms, corporations, economic institutions, sports clubs and facilities, general media, sports media, football stars and athletes. Lalawele offers expertise in these areas that have normal correspondence and business orders too. The vocabulary in the field of sport and culture differs greatly from most classic translations by many technical terms. The Lalawele translators but have years of experience in the field of technical translations, which they now want to put in service for Lalawele. If you need a specific translation, which we havenīt listed, we will find adequate translators for you through our network. Just ask us.

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